In order to give a description of my work and approach as visual artist there are a number of essential elements to take into account, from the development of ideas come after a period of intensive thinking some designs. Then, after a selection, arising from that final designs for making sculptures, drawings, photographs, paintings and projects. My world consists of admiration for nature, humans and animals. These elements play an important role in my artistry. Then I capture that in an autonomous work of art to portray as a private emprisoned thought. That can be a drawing, picture, painting, or an entirely new project for a company, municipality or province. I also work commissioned in close collaboration with the client. Generally I work for a year the implementation of a project, working regularly in this series and use independent threads and various materials. For the exhibition of my work I take much time. It is important to me that there is a unity, so that the expressiveness of the work exhibited in a good way is transferred to the public.

Marcel van Campen